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With kickboxing you develop better fitness, more self-confidence and it's a fun sport to do! At Renzo Gracie Tilburg, the lessons are accessible for both beginners and advanced students.

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Boksen en trappen

Kickboxing is really just boxing with kicks. Wrestling, elbowing, or clinching (as in Muay Thai) is not allowed. The kicks originally came from Kyokushin karate, but later Muay Thai techniques were added such as the low kick. One of the best known low kick experts is Rob Kamen, aka mr Low Kick.

The Netherlands is therefore the cradle of kickboxing and still a popular martial art that, in combination with BJJ, forms the basis for modern MMA.


In order to train you need the following equipment (for your first lesson(s) it is possible to borrow something from us):

  • Sportswear
  • Boxing gloves
  • A mouth guard
  • Shinguards

The training starts with a good warming up, followed by a number of techniques with a training partner.

Sparring is on a voluntary basis while we emphasize that everyone has to adapt to the level of the other.

Kickboxing class