The most complete martial art

MMA is the combination of standup fighting and groundwork, famous from cage fighting in the UFC. The ultimate challenge if you want to become a complete fighter.

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MMA training in Tilburg

With Mixed Martial Arts you combine boxing, kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu into one complete martial art.

Elements from Muay Thai, Judo, Wrestling and Sambo are also used. Actually all that comes in handy in a fight.

Yet there are also plenty of rules, which are mainly designed to make MMA possible as a sport and to reduce the risk of injuries, without compromising the realism of MMA. For example, no hitting on the spine or in the crotch, no fingers in the eyes, a sitting opponent may not be kicked in the face, etc.

De Gracie familie en de UFC

MMA is best known for the 'Ultimate Fighting Challenge', or the UFC. It was initially organized by the Gracies to prove the effectiveness of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu over other martial arts. The first editions were therefore overwhelmingly won by Royce Gracie.

Traditional boxers and kick boxers had no idea what to do on the ground. That is why everyone quickly started 'cross-training' to be able to defend themselves there too. This mix is therefore called Mixed Martial Arts. In modern MMA, all styles merge seamlessly and a lot is still developing. Sometimes the ground fighters have the upper hand, sometimes the kickboxers. Every new trend gets an answer.

MMA fight Aleksander Sredanovic

Preparation and MMA fight from one of our instructors