February 3-5th, 2023: Seminar with Rayron Gracie

12 January 2023 | Lees dit in het Nederlands

Rayron Gracie wint dubbel goud

Another great seminar at Renzo Gracie Holland with one of the more famous Gracies: Rayron Gracie! Rayron is the number one brown belt in the world, son of Ryan Gracie and instructor at Renzo Gracie New York.

About Rayron Grace

As the son of the legendary "bad boy" Ryan Gracie , Rayron has a remarkable history. His father died when Rayron was six years old. As a child, Rayron had little passion for Jiu Jitsu, precisely because there was a lot of pressure on him because of his father. It was only after moving to New York that Rayron really discovered his passion for BJJ, which eventually led to him winning several world championships.

By fully embracing BJJ, Rayron overcame a difficult period in his life. Rayron now trains twice a day and is the only Gracie ever to win the open class world title with the purple belt.

Rayron gracie met Igor Gracie
Seminar Rayn Gracie


The seminar takes three days. Participation is possible by mailing to info@renzogracieholland.com.

Documentary about Rayron Gracie

Beautiful documentary about the letters Rayron wrote to his father.

Open class final Oklahoma City Open

Rayron Gracie's match with the Gi. Ending with a sequence open guard > omo plata > back take > choke