3 Gold and 3 Bronze Medals at BJJ Championships Grappling Industries

08 September 2022 | Lees dit in het Nederlands

Renzo Gracie Tilburg Grappling Industries 5723

Renzo Gracie Tilburg wins 3 gold and 3 bronze medals during the BJJ championships Grappling Industries in Almere. With a small group, half of which were participating for the first time, we managed to become the 12th team out of 140 participating gyms.

Michael Vriens

Still unbeaten with 23-0, Michael continued his winning streak with 3 gold medals. One for open class, one for BJJ and one for grappling. Michael is now 3rd worldwide Grappling No-Gi Master White.

RGT Graplling Industries 5987 full
RGT Graplling Industries 5489 full

Anton Wisse

Anton won Bronze with and without the Gi with some tough matches between the big boys. Here he sets a nice armbar for the win.

Damian Omufner

Damian took bronze with his agile style, here winning with a triangle/armbar.

RGT Graplling Industries 5187 full
RGT Graplling Industries 4866 full

Djesse Aarts

Djesse had a few tough matches of which he managed to win one with on character and grid. As a 13-year-old among the much stronger 16-17-year-old boys, it was above all a great first learning experience.

Bas Rutjes

It was also the first time to compete for Bas. He managed to win three matches and just missed the medals with a fourth place.

Everyone has again performed great in this tournament and we are already in full preparation for the Dutch Open in December!

RGT Graplling Industries 6175 full