Instructor Pepijn Schupp wins pro debut at German MMA Championship

20 June 2021

MMA fighter from Renzo Gracie Tilburg wins his pro debut in Germany with an armbar!

After a battle of attrition of two rounds where it went back and forth, Pepijn's opponent had to retire due to a broken arm by an armbar.

In the first round Pepijn quickly went to the ground with a double leg, after which he managed to dominate most of this round. Eventually his opponent managed to get out of the position, but the round was clearly for Pepijn.

Pepijn schup wins mma pro debut
Pepijn schup wins mma pro debut with an armbar

The second round Pepijn started with a nice superman punch, after which the fight continued against the cage.

Halfway through, Pepijn had to deal with a heavy liver kick, so that he had to continue on character and managed to force an armbar. The opponent refused to tap and seemed to get away well. But during the second break the arm turned out to be broken and Pepijn was declared the winner!

A hard-fought victory, with Pepijn showing that the hard training paid off by continuing under heavy pressure and keeping his head up.

We are proud of his achievement and are now working towards the next step in his professional career.

Pepijn Schup wint mma pro debut 2