Kickboxing for children

During this lesson, children learn the basics of kickboxing techniques in a safe and playful way.

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Fitness and self-confidence

Kickboxing (if optimized for age) is the ideal sport for children to develop self-confidence and fitness. The sport is a complete form of movement which gives them better coordination and body control.

The children practice kickboxing techniques against each other while wearing good body protection or against a punch bag. The approach is playful and varied so that it remains fun to do throughout the lesson.

Age and Adjustments

The classes are accessible to boys and girls from the age of 8.

Because of the young age, punches to the head are not allowed.

All exercises are done in a controlled manner.

Sparring is only allowed from 14 years with full protection.

The instructor ensures that exercises and sparring are done in a controlled manner.

What you need for the kickboxing classes:

  • Boxing gloves
  • Shinguards
  • Although the head is not allowed to be hit or kicked, a mouthguard and head protection are mandatory for sparring (in case something goes wrong)